First Personal XP

The new version of Mutations will be available in Nantes from October 26 to November 4, 2018. You will be able to discover the two new escapes games present in our adventure, mechanisms of games & scenery unreleased, as well as a redesign of our VR experience in a free-moving area of more than 100m² !

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Haunted house

Geekopolis XP

Geekopolis Xperience is a new type of gaming experience: an immersive first-person adventure. This experience thrusts participants into a story in which reality and virtuality are intertwined. A story in which they become the heroes.


The immersive theatre in which actors, sets and atmosphere are there to make adventure a new experience in which you are the hero.


The escape game, designed by us and enriched with the latest technologies, in which you will have to solve riddles to progress in the adventure.


A spatialised and sensory multiplayer 4D virtual reality in which you will need to overcome your fears (emotion capture) to survive.


The physical course will stretch you to your limits as you try to escape from your opponents and overcome obstacles.

Virtual Reality


You have been selected for a rescue mission in an ultra-secret bioengineering complex. With your 8-agent squad, your mission is to exfiltrate the centre’s chief scientist. To succeed, you need to circumvent the security system and defeat the loathsome beings that have invaded the complex. As you will discover, inhuman creatures hidden in the depths of the base can sense your fear.


In order to offer a presentation and a quality brief, we ask the participants to come on the scene of the adventure 30 minutes before the schedule.

Two rates are available:

  • The place "Adventure" to 60 € to fully enjoy the experience with the debrief at the end of course.
  • The place "Survival" at 90 €, allowing, after the adventure, to visit with the creators behind the scenes of the course, discover its operation, then pass in the expert hands of our makeup artists and then go terrify the next participants !


About 1.5 hours


1 200m²


€ 60.00 / person


No more than 8 people


16 years +*


October 26 to November 5

*Minors aged 16 to 18 must have parental authorization.

The adventure is done with a minimum of 4 participants (for a maximum of 8). We reserve the right, by communicating to you in advance, to modify slightly the schedule of your experience to favor the filling of groups (according to the number) or the good sequence of groups of players.

Headset HTC VIVE
4D Experience

HTC VIVE Pro virtual reality headset
Resolution: 2880 x 1600
Viewing angle: 110°
Sensors: Gyroscope, accelerometer, laser position sensor, camera
Sensory effects
Ground vibration
Four dimensions special effects

Emotion Capture
“Emotion Capture®” Bracelet

Iconik has developed emotion capture, exclusive to FPX attractions. Emotion capture measures your emotions in real time thanks to a next-generation connected bracelet. Our environment features interactive devices that play with your emotions and offer you a unique experience.

Virtual reality gun
Realistic Weapons

3D-printed realistic weapon with a unique design with integrated virtual reality devices.

Augmented reality tablet

Scan application across the course to search for clues, improve scoring and deepen the game universe.

About us

First personal Xperience

FPX develops experiences across many different worlds (horror, fantasy, science-fiction, historical, comedy, crime etc.). We use the latest technology to continually go beyond the limits of our experience: virtual spatialisation, hologram, augmented reality, virtual reality and emotional capture.

Logo Quartus

FPX is a partner of the Quartus Group. As the first independent urban designer, it looks to new uses, always placing humanity at the heart of its concerns. Founded in 2014 by Franck Dondainas, CEO, the QUARTUS Group brings together all the main real estate occupations (Residential, Tertiary & Logistics, Operations, Engineering, Sheltered Accommodation, Hotel Business).